Elena's grandchildren

Elena is a language teacher (Russian & Japanese as foreign languages). In addition to being a professional language educator, she has the following qualifications:


Certified Infant Massage Instructor (Member of Infant Massage Information Service Internationally)

Blue Card Holder


Certificate of Handcare Therapist

Keiraku Lymph Massage Self-Care Advisor (Member of Keiraku Lymph Massage Association)

Keiraku (Five Elements) Yoga Instructor

Certificate of Attendance in Light-Stretching Yoga  

Certificate of Attendance in Acupressure

Certificate of Attendance in Chinese Remedial Massage


Diploma of Massage Therapy

Diploma of Specialist Make-Up Services



I am your tutor, Elena Nabokova. I was born in Moscow, Russia. A while ago I moved to Australia from Japan where I lived for more than 20 years. I live in Sandgate, a suburb in Brisbane, which is a great place to live, and now consider Australia to be my home.

Over the years, I have met many women from different countries and different ethnic backgrounds. What all of us have in common is our love for our children.

Discussions about our children always dominate our conversations. All mothers want their children to be healthy and happy, but not every mother knows how to achieve that.

By investing knowledge, time and financial resources towards our children, we ultimately invest in our own wellbeing and future.

Teaching through touch is a good start for every child. Perhaps, one day somebody looking at your grown-up child will say, “Well done! Good job!”

I wish you well on your journey with infant massage and hope that the skills gained will enhance your ever-expanding experience of parenthood – for the rest of your life.

Best wishes!

Elena Nabokova